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Commuting with a baby

Escalators and Elevators are Mom’s best friend.
I’ve been thinking a lot about how convenient it is to travel with a baby here in Japan. I mean you just have to look for the elevator if you’re travelling with a baby using a stroller. 

If you’re using a baby carrier escalators are a big help too.

I did not realize those conveniences when I was still pregnant. Now, I noticed that it’s such a good thing that almost every station has escalators and elevators for not just a gaijinmama but everyone who travels with an infant or toddler. 

There was a time that there was no elevator from the platform to the ticket gate, and I  said to myself “Oh no. I’m using a stroller. It’s not allowed on the escalators.” Luckily, there was some personnel from the station who asked ask if he could help us. He would carry the stroller while I carry my baby. 

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